Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why So Serious

Why so serious, soul?
When the sun is shining and the clouds are rising
Over the western hills
A sea like glass
A glimpse into our destiny together
When we will all drink in this beauty
Peace reigning
For now
Just a few moments
Before the tide turns and it feels like hell again
Until then
I raise my glass
I slouch in my lawn chair
And let all the seriousness and self-conscious
You preachy types
Save the world
The idiots
Who don't know it's already saved
I've let it go

Sunday, June 21, 2015


My heart delights with those on the fringe
 Broken for the margins
Those pushed out and exploited
Who can not fit in
Who realize they never will
Fit into the plans of charlatans
Builders of kingdoms of self
Run, sons and daughters, run
Your vibration is not compatible
Not needing their validation
Needing nothing
We are complete
Within is unimaginable wealth
Planted before we were born
Into this virtual, lowered vibration
Not the wealth of men
The ideations of fools pursuing ego
But the wealth of God in Christ
Given all to the Son of God
Within you
Christ within you
Our hope of glory

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Life Rupturing the Darkness

With this divine heart planted within, pulsating with the very life of my Father, with the eyes of my Father and the consciousness of the eternal soul, I saw the earth rotating on it's axis, this grand sphere hanging in the blackness of infinity,  an aura of life rupturing the darkness of it's surroundings.  A deep bass of a roar was heard while it rotated.   I was overcome with awe as praise burst from the seams of my consciousness and the pain of this fleshly body could withstand no more breaking. "You are glory and power and have hung the earth in this blackness. I cannot fathom You, but I give you what I have because it is already yours, and this is only my realization and entraining response to what must be. You are All in all and I am overcome by your hiddenness, your silence, your humility and your willingness to wait for all of us.  We are One. We are Love."

Friday, June 19, 2015

Only The Father

A flash of lightening while mowing today. One dandelion appearing to die and yet this death releases it's seed back into the earth, where it will live again.

I know this is simple, but in the apparent meaningless tasks of daily activities, like mowing, it's easy to get trapped in the  farce field and take the blue pill.

In my path was a dandelion ready to give  its seed to the wind.  It's beauty had apparently faded.  Some would say it was dying.  But isn't it the on-going, cyclical seed that has pushed thru the surface into the earth, bloomed and re-turning back into in-visibility. It never leaves the earth, though invisible to the eye of conventional consciousness. It only changes it's form in it's designed unfolding.

Aren't we like that? Isn't the dandelion merely a pattern in the earth? Isn't it a divine hint, if we are given eyes to see and under-stand.

To under-stand is essential. To get down and be available for the divine hints to visit us within.  I'm sure we are visited constantly, but usually unable to receive or interpret the signal that is there. We are being matured to under-stand.  Immaturity is the trap of daily living with perceived choices and control, life with no meaning, no flashes of lightening that visit us, no change, just the daily grind of blue pill living.

Oh to possess more passion. Couple this with a humility crying out deep within that expresses,  "I am blind and want to see. If you don't touch my the eyes of my heart, I will wander around in this darkness of this illusory death."

Oh to be given sight to see, to interpret all of the hints our Father is transmitting to us through all these divine metaphors.  Will it take a billion years to interpret only some of the infinite metaphors hidden by our Father? Our Father is infinite but immanent and present.  What a realizational encounter, when He is visiting the under-standing heart. 

Only the Father knows how to raise mountains higher that have pushed through the surface into the earth.

All these mountains.  And yet the mystery of One. 

Yes, only the Father.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

He Will Not Shout

"He will not shout, or make loud speeches in the streets.  He will not break off a bent reed, nor put out a flickering lamp.  He will persist until he causes justice to triumph, and on him ALL PEOPLES will put their hope."       The Prophet Isaiah, Matt 12:19-21 (GNB)

Humanity will inevitably come to the realization that the advancement of Christ Jesus has nothing to do with leaders(political, religious, corporate, etc.) ministries, teaching conferences and exclusive claims. All of these and many more are clubs that do not possess the equity or understanding of our Father, and will be seen for what they are.

ALL PEOPLES will remove their hope from religion and put their hope in the living God, who is "All in all." Even religion says God omnipresent, in every space and place but fails when it comes to his under-standing his authority and sovereignty. Instead, it is believed we over-stand God with our choices and will, which God must bow to.  And so, religion fails us and will be discarded.

Until then, anti-Christ promotes their gospel in the streets, makes speeches at conferences, sells the sacrifice over the airwaves, in their ministries, denominations, clubs, societies, colleges and universities.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Tribalism and Extinction

Tribalism only hurts when you enter into self-consciousness,  believe you are a separate individual and not included, when in the heavenly reality you are part of the greater whole and the tribal participants are actually living in an illusion they have created.
Tribal consciousness is the immature mindset that is equivalent to the age of dinosaurs, unable to face the ever-changing and evolving world.
There is only ONE tribe and that includes all. Any attempts to exclude people from your group is prehistoric and inevitably will become extinct.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Grace: Just Give it Time

"The law was brought in so that the trespass might increase. 
But where sin increased, grace increased all the more.." 
                                           (Romans 5:20 NIV)

I'm going to write my thoughts today after a long bout of silence.  Grammar, editing and all that are just not high on my list with this one.  Frankly, I'm not even sure where this will go, but like a river I'll simply let it flow out.
Read the epigraph above again.  As you read it, I'm hoping that enlightenment will come upon your heart and mind because of the realization of the invincible and inevitably victorious grace of God. I'm not talking about an abstract theological concept here.   We must see and replace the word "grace" with "Christ Jesus" because grace is indeed the person of Jesus and his name(meaning nature) is above any name in the earth or any realm that exists.  I'm saying there is no sin nature that Christ Jesus' nature does not trump, overcome or defeat with his love and forgiveness. Yes, love never fails because love is the invincible power we will all come face-to-face with.  And as we do, it will be revealed that we are in fact looking into the face of God and looking at our own reflection.

Are you a believer?  That Jesus is Lord, which literally means Jesus is the owner and operator of all things? Do you believe he possesses all authority? He is author of all this drama that is unfolding?  We read about this drama in the Script(ure), which should merely point us to the actual person known as The Word of God.  Can you believe to the lengths that the will of Jesus supersedes the illusion of our "free will", which we modern day egocentric humans like to go on and on about. We think because we can choose a career, decide between grocery stores and choose to be a Christian and not a Muslim, that we have free will?  I want to assure you that you are one phone call, one text message away, one life-event away from showing you just how powerless you are in this world and that your "free will" and your security, as (insert your name here) on the stage of this world is indeed being called into question. I Am calling it into question.    The truth is, as I have learned through too many experiences to list here, none of us is in control of what is called "our life."  It is unwise to promote such egoic misconceptions and the head-on realization of our true existence, after being conditioned into individualism and free will, is a painful collision of soul. 

In actuality, there is only One Life in this multiverse and you do not possess it as the person you think you are (insert your name here) with ownership or authority.  That One Life is the Life of God and he owns, authors and is the dispenser of his life towards ALL THINGS. Here is a most breathtaking idea from Paul.  All things, including Jesus Christ, Hitler and you,  it is based on the counsel of His own will, not man's notions of free will or apparent independence to do what we want.  No one's life is his/her own because Jesus is Lord.

  Do you believe Jesus has the power be the author(authority) of a plan that will demonstrate his love, power, forgiveness and grace(his nature). Unfortunately, contrast is essential for understanding and part of the plan was for man to enter into the darkness and ignorance of sin before experiencing the enlightenment and glory of the light that we truly are and will eventually realize.  We love to big theological words to describe God like omnipresence(he's everywhere) and omniscience(he knows everything) and omnipotent(he's all-powerful), but then we reduce him to none of these by saying that there will be some who will not be in the presence of God because they will be in an eternal hell, God didn't have the know-how or knowledge to overcome their "free will" in bondage and rejecting his love and union with them, and God just didn't have to power to get the job done and eliminate sin.  I hope you're starting to see numerous contradictions because I do and it's necessary to address them. If you really want the truth, it is essential that you address such questions I am addressing here today.

 Mainstream religion today insists that grace will lose to sin because the majority will end up in sin, out of union with the Father and punished in a geographic place called hell  But this is a preposterous notion when it was God who authored the plan to bring in the law so that sin might increase.  Yes, the commandments were brought in to show the Jews they were unable to be in union with God by following rules. If that is new to you, I have another idea that might be new as well. Most of you reading this are not Jews and therefore you were never under the law anyway, and so breaking the 10 commandments does not apply   Do you believe in grace of God, which is the person of Jesus Christ, or do you believe in sin and believe that sin will remain in the universe forever, God being unable to get rid of it from our universe, our hearts and minds.   Jesus became sin and we became the righteousness of God. 

Why am I picking on Hitler. I'm not, but most people do because they like to think their sin is not as great as Hitler's and they tend to elevate themselves over him.  Hitler has had a bullseye on his back and those who rail against my theological position of the salvation of all, they like to use Hitler because of his atrocities, not realizing that forgiving me for my hatred of the bully in 8th grade, who gave me wedgies, which seems to be a far less sinful action,  is no harder for God than forgiving Hitler for genocide because God is love, he has seen our alienation from him and ran to us in Christ. All of us. Even Hitler is in union with God and sin is no longer on God's mind, union is! Love wants union with us all and is willing to go to any lengths to give himself away, even becoming the scapegoat to our violence to display his love nature,

"He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, 
so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him." 
(2 Co. 5:21)

See how easy it is for God to bring us into union with himself. He simply decided to become the scapegoat. We violently murdered Jesus, who knew no sin and God decided this would be the scene to display our violent alienation but also to display a strikingly contrasting love.  This love will affect any and every heart in due time. We will all realize God is not the Judge we thought he was, but he was just like Jesus said he was, a loving Father.  And we'll run to him and return to our home, our Father who celebrates our return from a faraway land of darkness and separation.  All of us. Just give it time.