Friday, December 19, 2014

Love Lives in the Lake of Fire

"Truly our God is a consuming fire. And what does this fire consume? Anything that has darkness,anything flawed, anything that can’t come back to him as is, for everything came out of him and everything will return (Rom 11:36).  He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. It was first HIS idea for us to have life, and to receive of his Divine love. We can’t do it without the return trip (from coming out of him). It’s not unto death, it’s unto life."

One book of the Bible, The Revelation, uses the term “the lake of fire” several times in its finale. With that usage comes visions of a horrible place overseen by a horrible god. While fire is spoken of in numerous instances throughout the Bible, only in the last chapters are there references to a lake of it. While many people embrace with peace the truth of what this lake really is, the vast majority of people who actually believe in its existence do so with fear and trembling. What is the great gulf fixed between these two perspectives?

First of all, the last book of the Bible is “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”. One revelation. Not of a beast, or a false prophet, or a dragon. It’s about Jesus Christ revealing Himself. John writes “Happy is he who is reading, and those hearing...” (Rev 1:3, Youngs Literal) John is continually overwhelmed in the unfolding revelation by God’s plan of love for complete restoration. This plan cannot be seen with the natural eyes, but John was not seeing with his natural eyes. To say that The Revelation is a book of beauty and direction into God, rather than a book of literal harsh judgments is to strongly contradict the opinions and views of the fundamental Christian stance. That’s ok. There is danger in assuming that men and organizations know better how to reveal scripture to us, rather than letting the Holy Spirit lead us into all truth. (John 14)

Now remember this revelation was given to John, the beloved. His gospel is the love gospel. He had been delivered from dying a martyr’s death more than once because of his unique allotment in God’s plan. He was a special young friend to the living Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah hidden from view. Why would John be given a revelation of doom and gloom? The truth is, he wasn’t! This was a spiritual vision. Visions need interpretations.

The Revelation is written in symbols, and states this in the beginning lines; some interpretations are offered, and many admonitions are given for those "who have ears to hear".  Spiritual interpretations do not come from our natural (carnal) mind, the home of our personal belief system. What we are able to believe has nothing to do with hearing from God. His voice is higher than the voice of our minds.  Secrets contained in scriptures are DISCERNED for us--in us--by the Holy Spirit, so this discourse is under God's discretion. We can read the lines over and over and never "get it". Spiritual truths are hidden from our natural understanding and reasoning abilities; this includes philosophies and religions. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is an encrypted book, but a “gift” of love, for those who seek God in spirit (his arena) and truth (his son).

Forget the notes in the Scofield Bible, and set your sights above the many poorly translated words in the King James version. (Even though God uses them, biased opinions of the time can be hidden there.) Turn a deaf ear to the rantings and ravings of doomsday prognosticators--no matter how many best sellers they have in novel form concerning “truth”. Doesn’t matter how popular TV “evangelists" telling these dark tales are. True evangelists speak good news: the gospel (good news). There is nothing to be happy about in dark, foreboding tales of a despotic god who would just as soon allow the majority of his creation to be tortured without end. No one could love him, but we can fear him. His followers are unforgiving, vengeful, and ignorant. The very traits they hate in others lurk in the pit of their own human nature, awaiting the same fate that we all have. Please read on. This is a message of hope.

For this subject matter, especially, I must address the damage done by history's carnal concepts of the Creator. Religiously influenced opinions corrupt His true purpose and nature. But truth can be found in the seeking of Him on any issue. Even though I do not have the calling of a teacher (that I am aware), I am drawing attention to specific weak points concerning the Lake of Fire in the way religion has viewed it--and misunderstood it.  My intention here, as always, is to put my own experience into literal words, and pray that my heart’s sound will speak as the Logos of God (Christ in me), ministering truth to anyone reading these lines. I have a passion that I inherited from the Son of God, and that passion drives me to introduce the Father of Jesus Christ as He really is, and not as the inferior religious counterfeit.

Have you ever seen an angry lamb? Like the one referenced in Rev 6:16 (for one). The wrath of the Lamb. The concept is bizarre. Lambs aren't known for anger, and if they have any, nobody would even know.  Checking the original Greek "orge" we find a better translation of wrath:  passion. Now that fits. This lamb is the Lamb of God, and passionate He is! Passionate to sacrifice Himself and make sure that his plan is carried out to the fullest, touching every living creature. He is passionate to rid our lives of sin, or Self-Imposed Nonsense (thanks to John Van Tuyl for his wording*), a mistaken identity imposed by our sense of "self". Sin is just the natural life we embrace, separated from our creator by our birth into this realm of death (Gal 1:4). Sin isn't just what we do, it's the result of where we are!  And, this was all His idea--not ours. Romans 8:20 says “For the Creation fell into subjection to failure and unreality, not of its own choice, but by the will of Him who so subjected it." (Weymouth New Testament) Wouldn’t a wise, LOVING creator take responsibility for that? (I already have my answer!)

Back to the lake of fire. Everything is thrown into it that hasn’t been repaired of flaws. Any kind of darkness goes in, including hell and death. Very interesting. Anyone who incorrectly believes in hell as eternal fire just got nailed. (If you didn’t know that hell is not about literal fire, see my article “Hell Hath No Fury”.) And, since death is also burned up, there is only life left. Another category for lake pitching is “anyone whose name is not found in the book of life". Who is alive in this realm we live in? Jesus said we were all dead (Matt 8:22); that’s why there has to be a new birth--one of the spirit. (Remember, this is all about spiritual truth.)

This leads to a final comment from Rev 20: “The lake of fire is the second death.” What was the first? The first death is our status before the Holy Spirit quickens or awakens our spirit. Every person born is dead to God's reality. We live our lives on this planet, but our realm is death. Some people show it more than others, but we are all just as dead. Whether born and raised as an aristocrat, or born and raised into a life of crime: same category--death. Human status separates us from God. The lake of fire will destroy this first death (this separation), and this is “the death of death”. That’s when we are declared alive!

Remember all we’ve heard about fire and brimstone? Brimstone: sulfur. Sulfur and salt were used in olden days for purifying. Fire purges gold of its dross, to purify it. I used to work in a foundry and saw molten iron being purged of its impurities before it was poured out of the furnaces into the ladles. Chemicals were added to bring the “junk" to the surface, where it was skimmed off. Then, the metal was ready. Doesn’t God refine (purify) us in furnaces of affliction? (Isa 48:10)

The Revelation is a spiritual book; the lake of fire is a spiritual lake. This lake is alive, so the living can live there. Who or what is alive, really? I believe that God is the Father of the living, and no death resides in Him. Decades ago, I had a very strong conversion experience. I wasn’t in a church and I wasn’t looking for God, but He revealed himself to me--in a cloud of fire. No words could adequately describe what my natural eyes could not see, yet did see in spiritual vision. I knew it was God, I knew it was Jesus, but His appearance was as fire. The fire warmed and comforted me, and I felt so loved and accepted!

Truly our God is a consuming fire. Check: Heb 12:29, Deut 4:24, Deut 9:3, Isa 33:14, among others. And what does this fire consume? Anything that has darkness, anything flawed, anything that can’t come back to him as is, for everything came out of him and everything will return (Rom 11:36).  He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. It was first HIS idea for us to have life, and to receive of his Divine love. We can’t do it without the return trip (from coming out of him). It’s not unto death, it’s unto life.

A lake (body) of fire (God). God’s servants and ministers are flames of fire. (Psalms 104:4, Heb 1:7, 2 Thes 1:7)  Imagine a mass of people (not aliens or spirit beings) who cover the earth consuming all darkness with their loving, healing spiritual energy (flames). They would radiate hope and have power to uproot evil (not the people, the powers behind them). That is a lake to be desired.

To all who have suffered from the lies of religion concerning the character of God, please take heart! Wherever we are, no matter how deep the hell we dwell in, no matter how impossible our surroundings, God’s relentless (passionate) fire pursues us. And not for punishment, but for reconciliation. There is a day of appointment for all to be raised out of hell. Doesn’t matter where we are or what we have done. All are dead in trespasses until freed from the chains of this death realm. All are equally bound to walk in the dark, even if their lives don’t reflect it. Only His fire (presence) will loose us.

Fire can burn us, or it can warm and comfort us. It can destroy or heal. This fire will only burn and destroy death and all of it’s offspring. Be not afraid to let God’s fire, via the Holy Spirit, draw near. Embrace the flames of love and be consumed by His purging fire. Let your only conviction be that you have believed lies. Eternal torment would be to live without love. That has never been God’s plan. Our destiny is the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, where we will be transformed by Love unto perfection, and it begins now!

- LL Loman

*Salted With Fire by John Van Tuyl

He Is

He is as close as the breath I breathe
As far as the thoughts I can conceive
He is Emmanuel God within me
As me
He is the cause within me
He is the me that believes
He is the me that receives

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Soul Canvas

Our mind is the unseen canvas of our mysterious inner world.  Thoughts paint the canvas and come in a breathtaking diversity of colors moment by moment.  We are not alone as the gatekeepers of the soul for our life is part of The Greater Soul.  Our life is not ours.  Christ lives---in us, and is bringing forth a Master-piece so breathtakingly beautiful, we will be astounded as we will finally realize the canvas we thought was us, was the mysterious union of Christ in us, and Christ as us.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I am what I am

I am what I am
Not what they planned
I Am the intimate contemplation
Of my Father's imagination
The greatest thought He ever had
I am what I am

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Loving Me Through

Run or relax
Face-up or cover my tracks
I'll do what I gotta do
Wander and stew
If I have to
But I'll make it through

'Cause there's Someone within
No one can see
Looking out through what they call me
Intimately viewing
All I am doing
Loving me through

Laugh or cry
Stay sober, get high
Just do what you gotta do
Emulate or medicate
If you have to
But you'll make it through

'Cause there's Grace within
Few can receive
It's there for the taking 
Just believe
Loving you through
And through and through

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Spark Is Now the Flame

We've been in the Fire.  Tried, tested and refined, we are now joined to the ancient spark, Christ,who is become the Flame.

It's not a matter of time--- forget time as past and illusory.

Time has been consumed by the Now.  Yes. We. Are. Now.

Time is no more. 

 It's apparent to the awakened, fiery force that timelessness is our unending multi-dimensional and unfolding experience. 

The oxygen that is our atmosphere---those not yet ignited, is the fuel for the Flame.

Imagine the unimaginable, speak your heart and put your feet forward because Heaven has come upon on earth and the Spark is now the Flame. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Consciousness As a Movie: Holographic Universe?

"Our only hang up is that we have become attached to this world and we have become caught up in an energetic (emotional turmoil) as things apparently die, and change, and are transient. Yet everything – every creature, your worst enemy, your best friend, and you – at the deepest level is the unified field and that is why we experience this change: because the fundamental level of who we are is perpetually radiating and collapsing back in on itself in an infinite feedback loop causing the holographic world to flicker and change before us like a beautiful, infinitely intricate, and magnificent movie played just for us.

Yet even the rate of this movie is not fixed. It is relative as Einstein stated, because when we have increased energy and have the exhilaration of new love, or the unbridled passion and enthusiasm which arises when we engage in following and living our dreams, we tap into higher energy which brings us closer to the unified field and thus the rate of time noticeably speeds up according to our own perception. As the old adage goes, “time flies when you’re having fun.”

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