Monday, July 28, 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Spark Is Now the Flame

We've been in the Fire.  Tried, tested and refined, we are now joined to the ancient spark, Christ,who is become the Flame.

It's not a matter of time--- forget time as past and illusory.

Time has been consumed by the Now.  Yes. We. Are. Now.

Time is no more. 

 It's apparent to the awakened, fiery force that timelessness is our unending multi-dimensional and unfolding experience. 

The oxygen that is our atmosphere, those not yet ignited, is the fuel for the Flame.

Imagine the unimaginable, speak your heart and put your feet forward because the Spark is now the Flame

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Clay Tabernacle

This inner and outer drama
Screenplay by my Father
This Divine masquerade
The end of the self charade
Christ is revealed within
What a mysterious new creation
What an astonishing integration
From the former mind
Of self and separation
A heretical debacle?
The clay Tabernacle

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Empty and Powerless

 I am empty and powerless. Almost any attempt to save myself by any superior behavior, technique, belonging system, morality, role, strong ideological belief, or religious devotion will not work. It will actually lead to regression. What the saints and mystics say is that some event, struggle, relationship, or suffering in your life has to lead you to the edge of your own resources. There has to be something that you by yourself cannot understand, fix, control, change, or even begin to deal with. It is the raw experience of “I cannot do this.” All I can do at this point is wait and ask and trust.
This is where I learn real patience, compassion, and forgiveness. I don’t know how else I learn to forgive other people until I see seventy-times-seven my own brokenness, my own incapacity to love and, in this stage, my inability to do anything about it except throw myself into the arms of mercy and love (Luke 7:47).
This is the darkness of faith, and now I can trust that this darkness is a much better teacher than supposed certainty or rightness. God is about to become very real. Some even call this “God’s Waiting Room!”
- Richard Rohr