Monday, August 18, 2014

Teenage Suicide (That God Was in Christ Not Counting People's Sins Against Them -2 Corinthians 5:19)

I don't want to hurt nobody
It's just that I know I've had enough
There's too much pain and hatred
I think I'd rather be dead
                                     - Teenage Suicide by DeGarmo and Key 

I've faced my own battles with the profound emotion of suicide. My heart knows the agony of depression and the deepest mire of emotion that plagues the soul when we grieve the loss of someone we love. There was a time in life when I couldn't go on and the flood of grief and loneliness, overtook me to the point of needing release from the agony.

This being said, I can't imagine just how much pain someone has when they take the drastic step of  ending their life. This just happened to a neighbor of mine who I knew and talked to occasionally.  He was 18 and I am writing this blog to clear up any dark ideas about his eternal place and God's heart and mind toward him. 

Hurting people take their lives when their pain exceeds their coping ability, and for that I can confidently proclaim there is mercy in the heart of God and the arms of Jesus for every action we take.  Jesus died for all sin.  The cross is a picture of the Son of God taking all sin upon himself and forgiving us for it.  He willingly took upon himself the sin of the world and displayed God's heart towards even those who murdered him: "we forgive you because you know not what you are doing."

People commit suicide not because they have "free will"' but  because they "know not what they do."  Jesus died for every single person who ever has or ever will take their lives.  Forgiveness is the default setting of the divine nature and  there is no debt held against them in the mind of God.

"that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people's sins against them."  2 Corinthians 5:19

Not counting people's sins against them.  Ever.  There will never a time when God thinks about sin or harbors a grudge against us.  He will never, ever put our sins on a video screen and say "you did this or that."  He will instead point the cross.  And if we deny the cross of Christ, Christ will deny us and say "sorry, the cross is in effect and you're included in the family."

Jesus is proclaimed as the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe.  Some are given faith to believe and most aren't but that doesn't mean Jesus isn't their Savior.  Video: The Special Salvation of Believers(Doesn't Exclude the Rest)

Such a position is not the one taught me by the "church", but it's one I now proclaim because God is love and God never fails, ultimately, to get what He's passionate about.  What is God passionate about?  The one lost sheep who needs Him but doesn't know it and operates from a mind-set of alienation from this love. 

We need to move forward from the dark ideations that someone who commits suicide is going to hell forever. Really? Do we really think God's mind and heart is so immature and small that He is holding on to sin and refusing to forgive those who can't cope?   This is a preposterous and irrational position that has run it's course and we are now looking to a sunrise in our hearts that sees God differently. Do we w God is love and just? Then the justice of God demands we be saved, we cannot save ourselves therefore God will have to save us from ourselves, from our religions, from our broken and ignorant lives, from our actions originating from alientation, and from our bondage that encompasses our ignorance.

God is better than us, not worse than us. He doesn't throw people into literal fires for eternity and dispose of those made in His image like a Stalin or a Hitler.   What' kind of a Father would do this? We need to reject such lies and caricatures expressed from minds in darkness(ignorance).

The Son is rising in our hearts! 

For those who have taken their own lives, I am confident to proclaim that God's mercy never ends and His understanding of our brokenness ceases not because we leave this realm of the five senses.  There's hope for all in Christ because Christ is in all and possesses all.  (2 Cor. 5:14-17)

We all died in Christ, Paul says, and that means we are all in Christ. We are all new creations but it becomes a matter or realization and awareness, for which God must awaken us by the faith of Christ.  Faith is the gift of God. God controls the dispensing of faith, not a pastor, pope, bishop, imam or guru.

We all came from him, we all pass through him and we all return back to Him through His death and resurrection life.  He took us all into Himself at the cross, we died with him there and we rise with Christ when the Father determines we will believe.

Our ego's protest and we spout things like "free will" and other hogwash, but God is in control, not us and our resistance is futile.  Are we robots? No, Paul says we are clay in Romans 9. Big difference.

"For from him, and through him, and into him, are all things."  Romans 11:36

 God is unconditional love for all,  forever and He will not fail to bring us all to the realization of just who he is and how much he treasures us.

Consider what the scriptures proclaim about just who God is and His nature of love for us:

If we believe not, yet He abides faithful. 2 Timothy 2:13

For the Lord will not cast off forever
Though He causes grief
Yet He will show compassion
According to the multitude of His mercies.  Lamentations 3:31-32

His mercy and love endure forever.   Psalm 136 (stated 26 times in this verse)

No one is lost forever .  Christ Jesus will find them because Jesus is the Savior of the world.

Teenage Suicide (lyrics)

i don't want to hurt nobody
it's just that i know i've had enough
there's to much pain and hatred
i think i'd rather be dead
than to live without mercy, hope or love

so don't come any closer, i really mean it
yes i know you think i've lost my mind
my gun's here and i'll use it
and this time i'm gonna really lose it
listed as a teenage suicide

i can see you out there all around me
but it's too late to talk it out this time
i don't want to shoot you
i'll do what i have to do
listed as a teenage suicide

i don't think i can take it
i give you my heart to break it
listed as a teenage suicide

it could've been me
out there in the moonlight screaming
it could've been me
in a search for everlasting meaning
but i found all the pieces
deep within the arms of Jesus
it could've been me
out there in the night oh
till Jesus changed my life
ooh changed my life

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Spark Is Now the Flame

We've been in the Fire.  Tried, tested and refined, we are now joined to the ancient spark, Christ,who is become the Flame.

It's not a matter of time--- forget time as past and illusory.

Time has been consumed by the Now.  Yes. We. Are. Now.

Time is no more. 

 It's apparent to the awakened, fiery force that timelessness is our unending multi-dimensional and unfolding experience. 

The oxygen that is our atmosphere---those not yet ignited, is the fuel for the Flame.

Imagine the unimaginable, speak your heart and put your feet forward because Heaven has come upon on earth and the Spark is now the Flame. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Clay Tabernacle

This inner and outer drama
Screenplay by my Father
This Divine masquerade
The end of the self charade
Christ is revealed within
What a mysterious new creation
What an astonishing integration
From the former mind
Of self and separation
A heretical debacle?
The clay Tabernacle

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Empty and Powerless

 I am empty and powerless. Almost any attempt to save myself by any superior behavior, technique, belonging system, morality, role, strong ideological belief, or religious devotion will not work. It will actually lead to regression. What the saints and mystics say is that some event, struggle, relationship, or suffering in your life has to lead you to the edge of your own resources. There has to be something that you by yourself cannot understand, fix, control, change, or even begin to deal with. It is the raw experience of “I cannot do this.” All I can do at this point is wait and ask and trust.
This is where I learn real patience, compassion, and forgiveness. I don’t know how else I learn to forgive other people until I see seventy-times-seven my own brokenness, my own incapacity to love and, in this stage, my inability to do anything about it except throw myself into the arms of mercy and love (Luke 7:47).
This is the darkness of faith, and now I can trust that this darkness is a much better teacher than supposed certainty or rightness. God is about to become very real. Some even call this “God’s Waiting Room!”
- Richard Rohr